Saturday, April 2, 2011

Curling Iron

Ok.. well, last night (Thursday night,) I bought a $15 curling iron from Target and it worked fine that night. So I woke up the next morning (Friday) to curl my hair for school and it was broken.. Horrible.. I would plug it in and it wouldn't turn on. So, we have to take it back.. But right now, I'm at my mom's friend's house and I really wanted to bring a curling iron overhere so we went by Ulta and bought a curling iron. It works! I just curled my hair and it looks awesome.. Yay! I love it and it was so easy! Hahaaa. My curling iron is one of those that has the spiral on the outside of it. Lets just hope that it still works in the morning. Hahaaa. Tomorrow (Saturday) my dad is taking me and my mom out to eat somewhere expensive. So.... skirt, nice shirt, and CURLED HAIR BABY!!!!!!!!! Yippeee! :) Loaded pictures :) <3