Saturday, March 5, 2011

Great Day:)

Had a fabulous day. My mom and dad took me out to eat today -dad's idea- because I had TAKS on Tuesday, so he thought I deserved a treat I guess. :)       So we ate at Olive Garden. YUMMMMMMMMMMY

Now, I'm at my mom's friend's house. Watched two Disney movies tonight. Beauty and the Beast, and Oliver and Company. Both amazing movies. Love them. Well, hopefully tomorrow will be a great day too.... but I already know it won't be..... I have homework... blugh.... I have to type a bibliography of Abraham Lincoln for history and then a math worksheet and THEN I have to memorize my Spanish Skit for Monday's presentation.....GRRRRRRRRRRRRR! I hate presenting. That's why I chose Convo. Spanish and NOT Drama or Speech. Arghhh! Spanish is for learning how to speak in a different language, acting is for people that want to be an actor or actress, which would not be me at all!!!!!!!! oh well! Still hope it will be good.... :O

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